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I have set up a home web server using Ubuntu 12.10 and I can safely say that it works with regards to router forwarding and ports being found. I know this, because switched my hosting provider's VPS SOA record to use my ISP IP with an 'A' value and had my website running from home. This verified that my server was configured correctly so I started what I believe to be the final step in making my old desktop into a full DNS server.

I found this tutorial that got me started My LAN network consists of the following:

  • My router with a gateway of 10.0.0.zzz
  • My server with an IP of
  • A laptop with an IP of 10.0.0.yyy

Step 1:

I installed bind via sudo apt-get install bind9


I configured /etc/bind/named.conf.local with:

zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/etc/bind/zones/";

zone "" {
   type master;
   file "/etc/bind/zones/";


Updated /etc/bind/named.conf.options with two ISP DNS addresses

Step 4:

Updated /etc/resolv.confwith:

search lan


created a ``/etc/bind/zones directory


Created /etc/bind/zones/

@ IN SOA (
);      IN  NS  IN      NS  IN      NS
NS1                IN      A 
NS2                IN      A 
NS3                IN      A 
www                IN      A 
yuccalaptop        IN      A 
gw                 IN      A 
                       TXT        "Network Gateway"

Step 7:


@  IN SOA (
zzz       IN      PTR
1         IN      PTR
2         IN      PTR
3         IN      PTR
yyy       IN      PTR    

I then restart bind and dig-x and it works Lastly I perform named-checkzoneon each of my zone files, but me reverse zone fail fails with: has no NS records

Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong here or assist me in getting this configured correctly?

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First of all you're using named-checkzone incorrectly:

  1. Use it BEFORE you reload the zones or restart your name server.
    The whole point of this utility is to catch errors that would cause your zones to fail to load. It can't help you avoid mistakes if you've already restarted the server before you let it check for errors.
    (BIND will happily run the same checks though, and fail for the same reasons - look at your log files.)

  2. It's impossible for a check on to generate an error message referring to, unless you're specifying the wrong zone name to named-checkzone.
    Specify the correct zone name in accordance with the manual for named-checkzone.

Second of all, named-checkzone is right about the problem it's reporting -- there are no NS records in your reverse zone.
Correct the issue (add NS records) to make the message go away.

This isn't black magic -- If you use the tools correctly they tell you exactly what's wrong, all you have to do is fix it.

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