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On debian squeeze, I am trying to do the following :

  • fetch sources package from the wheezy source repository
  • bootstrap a squeeze chroot for several architectures
  • build the packages for several architectures (i386, amd64, all and any)

I want both the fetching, bootstrapping and build operation to be scriptable, repeatable, and run as a normal user. For the environment setup, I want to make as little use of the root account as possible (install the necessary dependencies, and maybe some visudo stuff). If possible I would like to avoid using a VM (pbuilder with user mode linux)

So far I have tried several things with pbuilder (require root), debootstrap (require root) with little success.

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So, the working solution uses pbuilder and sudo.

  • After installing both, one has to edit the /etc/sudoers file (using visudo) and allow users in the group pbuilder to run pbuilder without a password.

    %pbuilder ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pbuilder
  • Add the pbuilder group and your build user name builduser to it

    root@debian# groupadd pbuilder
    root@debian# gpasswd -a builduser pbuilder

You will now be able to bootstrap a Debian chroot and build packages using pbuilder as non-root.

Here is an example script that

  • fetches the source package given as the first parameter (as builduser, using the answer to that question)

  • build packages from sources, for both i386 and amd64 architectures

  • upload them with dput to an external repositories given by the second parameter of the script


set -e
set -x

THIS=`readlink -f ${0}`
THIS_DIR=`dirname ${THIS}`


ARCHS='i386 amd64'

pushd ${THIS_DIR}/src
apt-get update -c ${APT_CONF}
apt-get source ${PACKAGE} -c ${APT_CONF}

for ARCH in ${ARCHS}
  sudo pbuilder --create --configfile ${BUILD_DIR}/pbuilderrc \ 
                --buildresult ${BUILD_DIR}/
  sudo pbuilder --build --configfile ${BUILD_DIR}/pbuilderrc \
                --buildresult ${BUILD_DIR}/ ${THIS_DIR}/src/${PACKAGE}*.dsc
  dput ${TARGET_CODENAME} ${BUILD_DIR}/*.changes
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Try to use 'fakeroot' program. Usage of this program - just use instead sudo.

Fakeroot exists in the debian repo, try to sudo apt-get install fakeroot

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usage of fakeroot is quite cool, however the build product still is owned by root after compilation and I can't change de packages as a normal user. – Erwan Queffélec Nov 15 '12 at 5:20

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