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I have a x3200 server and I have planing to use raid 1 for mirroring Sata Hardisk . I am searching on google to find raid server manager for x3200 , but no luck . Is there another way to configure raid in those server ? I am using 2 SATA hd 500 Gb , and planing using SLES 11 OS . Please give me a link or guidence to implement raid.

I realy appriciate for any help and sugestion.

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Use the built in LSI Configuration Program to configure RAID on your x3200

To access that utility, Turn on your server, wait untili you get the message <<< Press to start LSI Configuration Utility>>> displayed, then press Ctrl+C

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Hello , I can not found the message " Press to start LSI config .. " – fike Nov 20 '12 at 6:47

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