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I have a win2008 Server with 4 network ports (A,B,C and D) where only 1 port A is connected to the LAN ( The other 3 ports (B,C and D) are not in use.

I have another PC want to join the same LAN( by connecting the pc's network port P to one of those 3 unused network ports (I am using network port B in this case) on win2008 server. The PC network connection is set to DHCP.

I read about "network bridging", "network card teaming(for win2012)" and "Internet Sharing" but none of those works:

  • Bridging: I tried to bridge the network port A and B but the "bridged network" says "unidentified network" and I stuck there.
  • Teaming: For win2012 ONLY, I am using Win2008 R2.
  • Internet Sharing: The PC network works but the IP ( is not in the same network as the server (

How to get my PC to join the server's IP network ( That is to say my Win2008 server acts as a switch. Linux can do it easily but I can ONLY use windows 2008 R2.

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