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My server has several ip interfaces. I want to execute a script that fetches a webpage content and i was wondering if its possible to use another ip interface besides the default one. The script does not have an interface argument like curl.

Thank you

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This is possible.. But it's dirty.

1) Compile it to a shared object:

cc -nostartfiles -fpic -shared bind.c -o -ldl -D_GNU_SOURCE

2) Set the BIND_ADDR variable, and the LD_PRELOAD path and execute your application, as follows. BIND_ADDR="" LD_PRELOAD=./ /path/to/your/application

3) Your application now has the interface as the default.

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will this change the default server interface? I mean the change will be isolated in the program right? – keepwalking Nov 12 '12 at 10:34
Yes, the change is isolated to the program run in the environment where LD_PRELOAD was set to – Tom O'Connor Nov 12 '12 at 10:48

w/o touching your script, you would need to change the default interface for the whole system - which is most likely not a good idea!

I suggest you to update the script and make it to use the interface you want... it can be done eg. by specifying --bind-address if you're using wget

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