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Hey I have four computers(with linux):

  • two with mediawiki(mirror, both connected to one db)
  • one with mysql
  • one server(DHCP,DNS etc)

I configured on my server load balancer and now hen I type in browser name.local for example I get one of my mediawiki servers. I press f5 really fast and then I see in top command both computers are being loaded but not much. I used tool ab (apache benchamrk) but if I run it always is connected to one server never alternately.

I use this settings:

ab -n 100 -c 10 http://name.local/
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You can use some sort of stress-testing apps, like LOIC to send multiple requests via different protocols, to different ports, with specified frequency to the specified hostname/IP-address.

Here you can find a bunch of different stress testing tools which fit your needs.

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