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Say, if I have a DN for a workstation "CN=XP3-1,CN=Computers,DC=mydomain,DC=local".

How do you write a filter to list all groups that this workstation is a member of?

$filter = "(&(objectCategory=group)(objectClass=group)(name=*)(member=" & $workstationDN & "))"

Returns nothing...

PS. Sorry, my knowledge of PowerShell can fit into a thimble.

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You might want to clarify whether you want only the direct group memberships or all of the recursive group memberships this computer might be a member of via nested groups. –  Ryan Bolger Nov 13 '12 at 7:27

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Remove the double quotes around the workstation's distinguished name and you should be there:

$filter = "(&(objectCategory=group)(objectClass=group)(name=*)(member=$workstationDN))"

Also, as Ryan Bolger points out, this will only get the groups that the workstation is DIRECTLY a member of, not any groups that those groups might be in.

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