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Sorry about my bad English. Here's the question:

Is there a way to resume ./configure script from where it stopped just after fixing a dependency requirement?

It seems that the script runs for a long time just until it throws me another unsatisfied dependency... After I fix it, the ./configure script starts running from zero again.

This would sure save me a few minutes every time I compile a package which I don't have easy access to its dependencies.

Does this resuming depend on the publisher providing caching for its configure script, or is there something I can do about that?

Any ideas? Thank you.

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Resumption of a ./configure run does indeed require the developer / packager / publisher to provide caching of state between configure runs. In general, if you can resume an interrupted run, it will simply do so without you having to do anything special. If it doesn't attempt to resume interrupted runs, you probably can't do so.

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This really doesn't say anything. –  Michael Hampton Nov 13 '12 at 15:35

All you usually need to do is remove config.state in the build directory and try your ./configure again. That's going to be the cleanest approach to resuming your build.

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