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I recently made the switch to a new server (Windows Server 2008, PLESK) and have realized that my includes in php do not work.

I've installed PEAR using command line and ensured that php.ini refers to the right folder for include_path. However, whenever I try to run 'pear' from command line I get the following errors:

The Procedure entry point mysql_server_end could not be located in the dynamic library link LIBMYSQL.dll

The program can't start because php_pdo.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

I've read up on the issue and checked that the extension_dir refers to the correct /ext folder and can confirm that php_pdo.dll is present so I'm absolutely stumped and have no idea how to proceed.

Has anyone encountered this kind of error before? How do I resolve this?

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