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I am trying to host an LDAP service that can help proxy between multiple LDAP servers. An example found here:

I thought I would give OpenLDAP a shot since I heard about it's "meta" database. So, I installed onto a example unbuntu server using apt-get install slapd However, I am having trouble just configuring slapd with meta as a database.

I have a very basic Sample.conf file


database meta
suffix        "dc=Sample,dc=com"
uri           "ldap://localhost:6666/CN=Users,CN=Sample35"
suffixmassage "CN=Users,CN=Sample35" "dc=bar,dc=org"

uri           "ldap://localhost:5555/CN=Users,CN=Sample10"
suffixmassage "CN=Users,CN=Sample10" "o=Foo,c=US"

When running slaptest -f sample.conf I get

Unrecognized database type (meta)
50a30c0d sample.conf: line 1: <database> failed init (meta)
slaptest: bad configuration file!

Makes me think that openldap was compiled without the meta database/modules? Googling around, I haven't found much on how to resolve this :(

If it is a missing module, how do I compile/install it within Ubuntu? Do I need to manually download the source and compile it manually?

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Ended up manually downloading the file and building it from source with the ./configure --enable-meta. – terminalhit Nov 15 '12 at 0:10

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