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I have a dav_svn.conf look like this.

# mod-available/dav_svn.conf
<Location /svn>

  DAV svn

  SVNParentPath /path/to/svn/parent



With this configuration every request to


work for each repository and work well.

Now is there any nice method for

  1. preserving above configuration (numeric.i.p.address/svn/<repo>)
  2. new root url such as<repo> works like numeric.i.p.address/svn/<repo>.
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  1. You have to use name-based vhosts for p.2
  2. In the above case request to N.N.N.N/URL will try to find virthost with name N.N.N.N

Both virthosts must have the same config (or better N.N.N.N host must be ServerAlias) for name-host

With mod_vhost_alias and

VirtualDocumentRoot d:/Sites/%0/web

settings I see in error-log

File does not exist: D:/Sites/

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