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I'm trying to normalize Syslog messages generated by a Cisco Nexus box. Problem: Messages have the following format:

<189>: yyyy mm dd hh:mm:ss UTC: text

This is not a standard Syslog message, no hostname/IP address is displayed. Someone knows how those messages are generated? Can I adapt the format on the Nexus itself?


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What kinda Nexus is it? 5000 or 7000? Is this the syslog message on the device, or do you send it to a logserver? – user145639 Nov 15 '12 at 11:24


logging server X.X.X.X 7 use-vrf default
logging monitor 7
logging level local0 7
logging level local1 7
logging level local2 7
logging level local3 7
logging level local4 7
logging level local5 7
logging level local6 7
logging level local7 7
logging logfile messages 6

Which gives:

2012 Nov  8 19:05:48 NEXUS01 %AUTHPRIV-5-SYSTEM_MSG:
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