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How would I go about determining the guest's name given its GUID or vice-versa, preferably with only the Hyper-V/Server Core stock install at hands?


I am in favor of having a repository of dirty tricks to revert to when in great need. To immediately quiesce all (storage) operations of a VM guest without losing the state, I used to run kill 17 <all VM's virtual processes> (signaling SIGSTOP) and resumed afterwards using kill 19 <all VM's virtual processes> (signaling SIGCONT) in ESXi/vSphere shell.

I tried the same technique with Hyper-V using Process Explorer's "Suspend" functionality on the vmwp.exe processes and it seemed to work. I have yet to find a way for easily identifying the processes to suspend, though - the vmwp command line is only listing a GUID.

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Which version of Hyper-V? – Peter Hahndorf Nov 15 '12 at 9:52
@PeterHahndorf 3 (2012), although prior versions would be of interest as well (you never know what's around the corner). – the-wabbit Nov 15 '12 at 10:09
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In PowerShell type:

get-vm | ft VMName, VMId

This gives you a list of all existing VMs with their name and ID.

You can then use all the other PowerShell goodness to do something with that information.

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