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We are currently trying to move away from some outdated ACS appliances we have. A little background on the NPS server -- it is currently set up and being used for RADIUS authentication for our Cisco switches.

Many things I have read regarding this all speak about the use of a certificate used for authentication. At our facility we do not currently use a certificate for validation (and as such we configure that on the client machines to not check certs). Our current set up uses PEAP and Authentication Method of EAP-MSCHAP v2.

I have added one of our wireless lan controllers as a RADIUS client and set up a Network policy for Wireless, and verified the Connection Request Policy for Wireless. I also set the WLC to use the server with NPS set up.

On the server I am able to see the client attempt to authenticate (so the WLC is passing on information) but am receiving errors such as "The client could not be authenticated because the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Type cannot be processed by the server." and "The user attempted to use an authentication method that is not enabled on the matching network policy." depending on different settings I try through NPS.

As I continue to play with settings I can't seem to yield and better results and have been unsuccessful in my attempts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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