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I cloned my entire LVM volume group from a single drive to a RAID5 array with 3 disks. The VG is formed by these logical volumes:

  • root
  • swap
  • home

... and other volumes of some XEN virtual machines.

I tried to make the RAID5 array bootable using boot-repair from the UbuntuSecure disk. I get GRUB2 startup screen with the list of kernels, but the system doesn't start. It end up with some error message that tell me that it can't find LVM volumes:

Loading, please wait...
Volume group "lvm10" not found
Skipping volume group lvm10
Unable to find LVM volume lvm10/root
Volume group "lvm0" not found
Skipping volume group lvm0
Unable to find LVM volume lvm0/swap
Gave up waiting for root device [...]
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