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I have a voice server which currently sends an email to notify when someone called.

But actually, since messages are very short ("[object] Name - number"), the server could just as well send a message with Twitter instead of forcing users to connect to their Gmail account (we don't use BlackBerry's, just smartphones with an unlimited Edge connection to the Net.)

I assume there are Java applets to connect to Twitter. Could someone recommend one?

FWIW, the phones are Nokia's and Samsung's (we might get some Android-based smartphones soon.)

Thank you.

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Have a look at JibJib it's a J2ME/JavaME Twitter client for cellphones.

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You should use Posterous to post twits using e-mail. BTW, my smartphone able to check GMail account periodically without third-party application.

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May be you should take a look at this list on Wikipedia.

I personally use Twibble, which works fine.

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