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I inherited a Win2003 Dell Poweredge server. When booting there comes up a box asking for a password to make the server available. It is not an BIOS password nor the windows session login box. it is just before the windows session login.

I cannot figure out how to disable this. Do you have any hint ? Thank you.

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This is the Account Database encryption password.

By default, the Account Database is encrypted using a key stored in registry, but the administrator can choose to store it in a floppy disk, or use a password instead.

If you know the password, run syskey, click "Update" and choose "Store Startup Key Locally" to restore the normal behavior.

(The encryption is always enabled and you cannot disable it completely; the "Encryption disabled" option is there since Windows NT 4.0.)

If you don't know the password, reinstalling is the only option [that I know of] - after, of course, backing up all data with a LiveCD.

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Thank you, that was i was looking for ! – PeterMmm Jul 24 '09 at 8:57

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