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I'm running Oracle WLS

I have two Managed Servers and want to setup distributed JMS Queues on them. However, I'm confused about the relationship between JMS Servers and Persistent Stores.

I have created two migratable JMS Servers, one on each Managed Server. Each JMS Server points to its own Persistent Store on the same Managed Server, each with a unique prefix name.


JMSServer1                    JMSServer2
PersistentStore1              PersistentStore2
Migratable ManagedServer 1    Migratable ManagedServer2

The WLS JMS Servers section shows:

JMSServer1  JDBCJmsStore1   ManagedServer_1 (migratable)    ManagedServer_1  OK
JMSServer2  JDBCJmsStore2   ManagedServer_2 (migratable)    ManagedServer_2  OK

Is that correct?

Many thanks.

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