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I have installed Ejabberd server on ubuntu 12.04 AMI on Amazon EC2.

I have successfully installed the server, added the admin user and host in the config file and opened up reqd ports (5222, 5223, 5269, 5280).

I successfully loged the web admin interface using the Admin user-id and password.

BUT after logging-in I could only see one section, Virtual Hosts as shown in the below image

1 2

My Problem I could not see any Control Lists, Access rules, Nodes and Statistics Menu items on the left.

Also, when I click Virtual Hosts Menu item, the page that comes up does not show anything.

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Did you find any solution? – urfusion Apr 12 at 14:15

Seems like you have modified authentication mechanism to some thing other than "internal".

If yes, then you have to configure virtual hosts in the external database being used.

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