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I already disabled NLA on the Terminal Service of Windows 2008 server, that now rdesktop connects to the console directly,

But from a Windows 7 client, it still asks me to populate the password prior to logon.

Any ideas?

P.S: mstsc /v:servername /console /admin doesn't work, it still asks for password

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Why are you using both switches /console and /admin? /Console is no longer support on W2k8. See more details. Try "mstsc /v:servername /admin" instead. – Volodymyr M. Nov 20 '12 at 14:53
Why disable NLA in the first place? – Chris S Nov 20 '12 at 15:03
@ChrisS we run RSA SecureID with Terminal Service, if NLA is running, the user would be prompt for password twice, once before connecting to the console; once when login. So, need to get rid of NLA – warl0ck Nov 20 '12 at 23:48
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You may use an .rdp file for the connection, and specify enablecredsspsupport:i:0 in the rdp file.

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