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I am currently using wget -m to mirror a remote FTP but the speed suck, what are the good alternative (command) so we can parallel to download in order to boost the speed up?

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Do you have any control over the remote FTP? Or does it offer rsync? That would be much more efficient depending on the data set you like to mirror. – gertvdijk Nov 21 '12 at 11:07
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Take a look at lftp. It's quite a powerful ftp client that has an option for parallel downloads:

'mirror' can download several files in parallel (--parallel option) and a single file with 'pget' (--use-pget-n option).

It's available in standard debian's repository so you should have it as well in ubuntu without using 3rd party binaries or compiling it from source.

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As mentioned by pQd lftp is a great tool for that and it's included in "all" distributions.

lftp -u user,pwd -e "mirror --parallel=3 --verbose /$REMOTE_DIR /$LOCAL_DIR" $REMOTE_HOST

You can run it several times with time and different values of --parallel to find the best value.

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