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We are trying to set up some virtual Fibre Channel HBA's in Solaris. This seems to be possible with NPIV. Creating NPIV's in a Solaris global zone works fine, but passing that NPIV to a zone didn't work at all. We tried to pass the NPIV as following:

# zonecfg -z zone1 'info'
zonename: studentz1
    match: /devices/pci@0,0/pci8086,25f9@6/pci8086,350c@0,3/pci1077,140@4/fp@1,0:devctl
    allow-partition not specified
    allow-raw-io not specified

Wat we want to do is, set up an environment for SAN exercises. We don't have a physical host per student, so we try to virtualise that in some way (Solaris zones or VMware). It should be possible to display the WWN of the virtual HBA and mount the storage presented by the disk subsystem.

Any ideas to pass the NPIV to a solaris zone or to virtualise this with vmware?

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