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my problem is that the umlaut characters in an application pages (WAR) are not properly rendered when Tomcat is started as a service, but when I start the server manually it all looks good. I've checked the system's encoding (en_US.UTF-8) and it should working properly in both cases.


# description: Tomcat Start Stop Restart  
# processname: tomcat  
# chkconfig: 234 20 80  
export JAVA_HOME  
export PATH  

case $1 in  
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/  
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/  
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/  
sh $CATALINA_HOME/bin/  
exit 0  

Can you please help me out with this problem?

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Solution source here: Utf-8 in tomcat

Add the property -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 to the CATALINA_OPTS variable or set it at runtime.

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