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I have a primary domain xyz.com and now I added a subdomain, abc.com and it is being properly redirected to the subfolder in the 'www' folder abc.com, but where as my primary domain , xyz.com I want to redirect it to the subfolder in the 'www' is not happening what and where I have to change the settings?

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  1. Ask Hostgator support.
    • They ought to know how their webhosting service works a lot better than any of us.

  2. abc.com is not a subdomain.
    • Subdomains are delimited by the . character. efg.abc.com would be a subdomain.

  3. When asking a question here (and in general), it's helpful to imagine that we might not know everything about your environment.
    • To wit..., well, everything about "redirecting" and your "www folder."
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