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Which man page describes the usage of the top-level RPM spec file macros that are defined in RPM source files directly? I mean, %setup, %buildroot and the like, which are not in /usr/lib/rpm. Looking up the %setup options in a tutorial at or searching through the source code isn't best of convenience.

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The Fedora Project hosts the best documentation on RPM out there in html format:

See also:

Prior to these resources, my go to guide was Maximum RPM (which you also found):

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Yep, Fedora guide seems to be very well written! Should pay more attention to these 'drafts', as they seem better written than some 'normal' documentation. – badbishop Feb 2 '13 at 7:39
I never did find anything in the Fedora Draft Documentation to describe the parameters for %setup. The link to the coverage in "Maximum RPM" is: – Mark Edington Jul 7 at 21:35

There is no man page for that, but you can create a minimal spec file using rpmdev-newspec from rpmdevtools package.

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As far as I am aware no such documentation exists within the man pages. Even if you review all the items available in the rpmbuild and rpm man pages it does not detail those directives.

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