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Possible Duplicate:
Deploying ASP.NET MVC to Windows Server 2003

I am getting 403 Directory Listing Denied for the root and 404 for an action that I know should exist.

Background: I have build and deployed an ASP.NET MVC 2 applcation a long time ago. Later I upgraded it to MVC 3 and it is still working with not configuration changes. Setting it up on a windows 2003 R2 (Standard) initialy was a pain, but after a couple of days(yes, days) struggling it started working.

Now I have to do the same with the same application on a different server (2003 R2 Standard again) on a different network.

  • .Net 4 is installed and allowed
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 is also installed
  • By default IIS is set to use .net 4
  • I verify aspnet_isapi.dll used in application extension are from version 4.0.30319 .NET asemblies folder.
  • I also added the wildcard mapping to aspnet_isapi.dll and unchecked verify file exists.
  • Under Directory Security in Authentication Methods I have disabled anonymos access and enabled Integrated Windows authentication(same as the one on the server that it works)
  • I have copied the same web.config with the

<authentication mode="Windows" />

<authorization> <deny users="?" /> </authorization>

  • I have set Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, and Read for the Networkservice account(under which the app pool is working). Also I have set the same for Network account, IIS_WPG, ASPNET and IUSR_MAchineName.
  • I do not have an EnableExte‌​nsionlessUrls but even if I create it and set it to true or false it does not help.
  • I also tried and it did not help.

But I kept getting 403 Directory Listing Denied for the root and 404 for an action that I know should exist.

Web Platform installer was then used to re-install and possibly update .net, etc. I then noticed IIS was reset to default. So I added the wildcard mapping again. No, luck still 403.

I exported configuration files from the working server setup and created new default app pool and new default website using those configurations.

Still I get 403 Directory Listing Denied for the / and 404 for any action I try.

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Another reason to get 404 and 403 is have Global.asax missing, thanks to Deploying ASP.NET MVC to Windows Server 2003 I was also able to fix it.

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