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I've inherited the job of sorting out our servers for a major application that we run. Our main location for the domain has got a SSL cert on it, and this is running fine.

The problem begins to arise when we visit https:// versions of the other applications on the server, as these then try to use the VirtualHost for the main application.


https:/ - Works fine as this has a VirtualHost for 443.

http:/ - Works fine as it is not using port 443.

https:/ - Try and uses VirtualHost for main.application as they sit on the same IP and is trying to use 443.

So in effect, visiting the, give's you but with a warning before you enter the site.

My question being: Is there a way to setup a default VirtualHost for :443 which will handle these requests, and potentially 404 them, or redirect them to the non http versions?

Server Madness!

Disclaimer: This was not my fault! And also I've realised I used single /'s in the URLs.

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I dont understand your request very well. Why do you need secondary.application? – Hex Nov 22 '12 at 11:34
It's a different application which is hosted on the same server. – BennyC Nov 22 '12 at 11:39

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