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I'm trying to connect my access front-end to the SQL Server backend.

It was working when SQL Server was on my computer but now i'm trying to connect to a server

So when I create the DSN file with access

  1. I chose SQL-Server driver ( I have also tried with SQL-Server native 10.0 )
  2. I enter the server name that I copied from SQL Management Studio so there's no typo there
  3. I chose the NT authentication

Then I have this error

enter image description here

In the properties, I tried with TCP/IP with the default port 1433 and I also tried with the name pipes

I made sure that the checkbox to allow remote connection is checked

If I try to connect with management studio I can see the server when I browse on the network but I got this error

enter image description here

I'm trying this troubleshotting but i'm stuck with the telnet command. It says Could not open connection to host on 1433

I also tried with no port and i got the same error on port 23

Any ideas?

Thank you

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For SQL Server Express, remote connections are not allowed by default. Have you enabled them?


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After 2 days on this, thank you so much!!! I thought that blank was for the default port which is 1433 – Marc Nov 22 '12 at 20:03
Computers, eh? You know what you know, and there's no shame in asking... – Peter Schofield Nov 22 '12 at 20:05

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