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I have file wich has many lines inside

All lines that contain


it needs to be stripped to this format


i am executing perl in bash somethin like this

perl -i -pe 'regex' /localpath/file.txt

In perl command above in 'regex' i would need command to do it, how to do it ?

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General unix questions like this (not specifically related to system administration) should be asked on Unix & Linux (or Stack Overflow if they're basic programming) - this kind of "gimmeh teh c0dez" question isn't really on-topic for Server Fault. – voretaq7 Dec 4 '12 at 17:12

If you just want to extract the file, I would use File::Basename

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perl -n -e 'print $1.$2."\n"if (/(.+\=)\/.+\/.+\/.+(\/.+)$/)' /localpath/file.txt > newfile.txt

Theres probably more elegant ways to do it.

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 perl -ne '/(.*=).*\/(.*)$/ && print "$1/$2\n"' /localpath/file
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