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I have 2 router connected to 1 switch which contains two vlans, 1 router has the ip table of vlan1 and the other router have the ip table of vlan2

I have trunked both router cable to the switch.

I have set 1 ip table per router which correspond to the ip address of the PC that have this router address as a gateway.

When I ping from to it tells me that destination host is unreachable and the message is from the router

So I guess router for 192.168.100.x does not see the router for 192.168.200.x , right ? Or am I wrong ? What are good troubleshooting steps ? is the representation of the network, i cannot post image since im not reputated enough.

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It's hard to formulate any kind of answer without seeing a diagram of the network and without seeing the config of the switch and the routers. Can you post that information? – joeqwerty Nov 23 '12 at 17:57

A good troubleshooting step involves using Wireshark on the PCs involved. Is it possible that your having arp issues? Try clearing your arpcache

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