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I'm trying to install pkg in a limited space embedded system. I use busybox's dpkg. To let dpkg work, I just touch a file

touch /var/lib/dpkg/status                                               

But, it still can not work.

$dpkg -i ntpdate_4.2.4p4+dfsg-8lenny3_sh4.deb                           
dpkg: package ntpdate depends on netbase, which is not installed or flagged to be installed

How to flag the netbase as installed? I mean cheat to let dpkg treat it could install.

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You need dpkg to ignore dependencies, use the following command:

dpkg -i --force-depends mypackage.deb

Or, in case you have more problems arising, use:

dpkg -i --force-all mypackage.deb

But be warned, package dependencies are almost always true dependencies, as in, the program might be linked against them.

And using the above commands, will install the package fine, but dpkg will label it as broken.

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