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I'm starting playing with nameservers. Currently I have:

  • A domain: mydomain.com
  • Access for writing the whois ns records.
  • Access for writing DNS records at the domain hosting provider. nsX.foo.com
  • A shared (hostC) hosting which cPanel writes in the nameserver of nsX.bar.com

Basically I want the following structure:

hostA.mydomain.com -> hostA
hostB.mydomain.com -> hostB
hostC.mydomain.com -> hostC
mydomain.com       -> hostC
*.mydomain.com     -> hostC

Whats the correct way of configuring this?

By the way I have configured the following records

hostA.mydomain.com IN A [IP_OF_hostA]     (at foo.com nameservers)
hostB.mydomain.com IN A [IP_OF_hostB]     (at foo.com nameserver)

But now I dont know how to specify that @.mydomain.com and *.mydomain.com are resolved by the ns1.bar.com and ns2.bar.com, and it is hard to try with the delays after editing the records.

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Try this:

mydomain.com. IN NS nsX.foo.com.
hostA.mydomain.com. IN A [IP_OF_hostA]
hostB.mydomain.com. IN A [IP_OF_hostB]
*.mydomain.com. IN NS nsX.bar.com.
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