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I have a domain (it was a service that let you register a * subdomain for your own use) that I linked with Google Apps. This was so I could have an email address like have recently shut themselves down with no prior warning and deleted all registered subdomains. I realised that I had not received any new email for a week which is what prompted me to investigate and find this news out.

Obviously I need a new email address but the problem is with all the various sites and services that have my email - I'm going to have to remember every site that I'm registered on and update my email to a new one. My question is is there anything I can do about emails being sent to me right now? They're being sent to a domain that does not exist but is there anything I can do to try catch them out of the ether?

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No, there's nothing you can do. Any email sent to your address is going to bounce, because the nameservers for the second-level domain are offline (and have been for over a week).

I would suggest you register a real domain name with a reputable registrar this time around.

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