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Please help me with a newbie question regarding Cisco AP CLI .

According to this Cisco doc , I know how to change WPA handshake timeout value to 2000 milliseconds.

Cisco1242AG-1(config)#dot11 wpa handshake timeout 2000

But, how do I query its current value?

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If the command is present in the configuration (show run) then the timeout is as configured.

If the command is not present in the configuration (show run) then the timeout is the default 100 milliseconds.

I have yet to find it in any other show output. My first hunch was it might also be present in show controllers dot11radio 0. Nope.

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Thank you. The show run command does the trick. Using show controllers dot11radio 0 produces quite many info, but no "wpa handshake timeout". – Jimm Chen Nov 28 '12 at 3:00

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