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I am using Tomcat 6 application container for my web site. HTTP requests come from mobile phones and every time server receive a httprequest it opens MySQL connection, insert some data in it and then close it. I want to know what is the number of maximum simultaneously users that can send request to server and server also answer them.(in other words the the number that after that Tomcat or MySQL will be crash) Is there any inexpensive way or tool for testing my server?

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I use jmeter. JMeter is capable to record traffic and after just replay it on several threads. Is a very good tool for stress testing and is FREE.

Also JMeter is capable to tell it what URI should access on your server.

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what do you mean by record traffic? thanks – CoderInNetwork Nov 26 '12 at 15:10
Reading and saving all commands what your users are sending to your app. Offcourse you need to do that in a controllable way if you have dynamic scripts, sessions etc. – Sacx Nov 26 '12 at 15:13

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