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I have severe problems running SDP on Debian Squeeze. I'm using two machines with Mellanox adapters each. My /etc/modules looks like this:

# Mellanox ConnectX cards
#ib_mthca # some mellanox cards
#iw_cxgb3 # Chelsio T3 cards
#iw_nes # NetEffect cards
# Protocol modules
# Common modules
# IP over IB
# scsi over IB
# IB SDP protocol

Nevertheless, ib_sdp cannot be loaded:

modprobe ib_sdp
FATAL: Module ib_sdp not found.

Thus, all applications which I want to test running via SDP are throwing errors. NPtcp for example: NPtcp 
NetPIPE: can't open stream socket! errno=97

Thanks for the help.

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SDP is considered obsolete. Its successor is called rsockets and is included in the latest version of librdmacm. More information can be found here:

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