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I want to put up a website with instructive screencasts, and allow for people to add comments to them.

I would like use the Video for Everybody technique, partly because I dislike Flash and because it helps in a small way to move the web forward [while being backwards compatable]. I recognize that HTML5 is still in draft, and that support for it varies.

I do have some hosting space, and can run Perl, PHP, and Ruby on Rails applications, with a MySQL backend. I should mention that part of my working job involves running some web servers, and that I am a programmer by training (with only a limited familiarity with Perl and PHP, and none with Ruby).

I should mention why I don't particularly want to go with a video hosting site (like YouTube or Vimeo):

  • Flash
  • Video Resolution and Quality [I'd like to put up 800x600 videos]
  • Videos promote a club that is not stricly non-profit [ie. may fall afoul of Terms of Service]
  • I'm already paying for web hosting, and free video hosting comes with time and bandwidth limits
  • I don't want there to be two locations where you can comment on the video

Now, having said all that, I'd be quite comfortable putting up my own HTML pages, except:

  • that's so web 1.0! :) [ie. it does not allow for comments]
  • I also want to do some blogging and possibly put up a wiki; the site will not be entirely screencasts

So, can anyone recommend a CMS (or Wiki, or similar application) that I can customise for this purpose?


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Sounds like the CMS I plan to build myself, one of these days. May never happen. – TRiG Sep 7 '10 at 17:43

I found these interesting sites for comparing different systems:

I'll put in a plug for bitnami stacks, as they are great for getting a webservice up, certainly for testing, and possibly for production.

I haven't had time to really start using it, but ocPortal looks like it'll be a great system for what I want; the developers have done a lot of work to make it easy to set up (why, they even have an automated installation system that works over the web), and it was designed to be easily extensible and looks to be well documented. Commercial support is also available.


its still a bit soon for any major cms or wiki to be migrating to html 5 and not really even worth discussing at this point due to it still being in draft stage (as you mentioned) and still not 100% supported by major, modern browsers. i would wait at least until the spec is finalized then start looking at the mailing lists for which ever cms / wiki you are comfortable with (they may or may not maintain the same interfaces after the migration) and stay in the loop.

i think you are a bit overzealous at this.

I suppose you are right about being overzealous. I'd just hope to find something where I could change the template so it is an HTML5 page [which could probably be done with most CMSes], and find a way to put in the video tags [which can likely be done manually, but if it could be done in a consistent, automated way, that would be a boon.] – Clinton Blackmore Jul 24 '09 at 17:52
considering you can create your own template, as long as you aren't using the WYSIWYG aspect of the cms, you can get html5 to work just fine. the wiki would be more difficult since its got its own syntax it uses. – Keith Jul 24 '09 at 18:34

Hey, have you seen the MediaCore video CMS before?

It looks like it would be a good fit if you are wanting to publish instructional videos. It supports both Flash and HTML, plus it has really good accessibility if you care about that sort of thing. All uploads are handled by a web interface too, so you don't have to worry about FTP etc.

Commenting is moderated, though anyone can vote or comment without being registered.

That sounds really interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. – Clinton Blackmore May 20 '10 at 14:50

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