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I am implementing a reverse proxy with the following configuration:

ProxyPass /home/ http://serverA.com/
ProxyPassReverse /home/ http://serverA.com/
<Location /home/>
    ProxyPassReverse /
    ProxyHTMLURLMap /rs/ http://paywall.com/ L
    ProxyHTMLURLMap / /home/
    RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding

ProxyHTMLURLMap / /home/ makes sure that all links starting with / is rewritten as proxy.com/home/. However, I want URLS that start with /rs/ to be rewritten as paywall.com/.

Unfortunately, it seems that the "ProxyHTMLURLMap / /home/" configuration always takes effect. How can I set the priority of the "ProxyHTMLURLMap /rs/ http://paywall.com/ L" configuration to a higher priority? When I comment out "ProxyHTMLURLMap / /home/", rewriting the URL to paywall.com is effective.

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