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I'm on a new VMWare install consisting of:

  • 1 vCenter Server (containing inventory service, SSO, vCenter server, and web client server)
  • 2 ESX Servers configured in a HA group


When a I view the summary for any one of my servers, I receive a notice: "This host currently has no management network redundancy".

This is expected in our scenario and we're okay with it.

Attempted Solutions

As I understand from this article and this discussion, the proper way to remove the error message is to ignore it via setting the "das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning" propery to "true".

I took the following steps:

  • Logged into vCenter
  • Right-clicked on my HA cluster and chose "Edit Settings..."
  • Clicked "vSphere HA" section
  • Clicked "Advanced Options..."
  • Added the "das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning" option with a value of "true".


How do I get this error to go away, and are there any reasons why adding this option may not have worked?


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Found it! One additional step is necessary -- the servers must be reconfigured for HA to remove the error message.

To do this, for each serer:

  • In vSphere Client, click on the server
  • Click the Summary tab
  • In the "Commands" section, click "Reconfigure for vSphere HA".

After this, the error disappears.

Newbie Note: I wasn't aware of this because initially, after updating any setting within the HA cluster, VMWare showed task, "Reconfigure Cluster", as complete. I mistook this message at first glance to mean that I didn't need to manually reconfigure the host.

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Correct. Changes arnt commited until you use the Re-configure options. – t1nt1n Nov 28 '12 at 16:47

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