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I'm running a php app on a Mac Server OS X 10.6 with fully functional apache 2 server. The app is intended to run in Mexico, but there's no es_MX locale on the server. How might I install it ?

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This SU answer might provide the info that you're looking for:

It's just directories containing text files. Mix and match to your preferences.

You can create a copy of en_ES and edit LC_CURRENCY by either copying from another locale definition or editing all settings yourself. The settings are documented here, in section 7.3.3 LC_MONETARY. One entry per line

Assuming you know the appropriate values for the locale that you're setting up, you can make a copy of an existing locale and edit to include the locale-specific values.

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Thanks a lot. As soon as I might vote this the best answer I will !!! – Luis M. Valenzuela Nov 29 '12 at 0:26

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