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First, there is this problem:


Which says that anything copied to os x server via smb will be "safe saved" and essentially chmod to 600. This is extremely annoying and counterproductive to having a share server...

I did what the article said, but nothing has changed. It is very vague about how to actually set the ACL permissions, but I think I did that via Server.app -> hardware -> storage -> edit permissions. I added (in addition to other things):

Guests - Read & Write Others - Read & Write

Actually every entry is read and write, but despite this...it is still chmod to 600 when I try to copy a file via SMB. Where else should I look to solve this madness?

Alternatively, how can I get rid of this crappy SMB and put back the original SMB? I tried SMBUp but it just fails to start the service every time...

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Ok, for anyone else with this problem...I think the easiest answer is to just give up and install Samba3 from MacPorts. I did that and had the server working correctly in about 15 minutes, instead of the hours I spent pounding my head against the wall fighting against something that is confusing and counter productive.

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I have the exact same problem... I can't figure it out... Any more news? Using OS X Server 2.2.1 on 10.8.2 –  unmircea Apr 2 '13 at 21:02
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