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Are there any command I can verify the public key (, just the format only

Sometimes I have added a new linebreak, sometimes the file missed the ssh-rsa prefix, so are there any command to validate?

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You can use ssh-keygen for this. Despite its name it can do many more things than generating keys:

dennis@lightning:~$ ssh-keygen -l -f .ssh/ 
2048 68:df:b2:22:d8:43:5d:36:75:c1:d8:59:c0:8c:22:e8  Dennis Kaarsemaker (RSA)
dennis@lightning:~$ ssh-keygen -l -f foo.txt
foo.txt is not a public key file.
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I have not come across any program that will do that for you. You can always try and script it. But as a rule of thumb, you don't ever need to edit your Best way to be sure of keeping your formatting is using the ssh-copy-id command, when you are adding you public keys to other servers.

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