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I constantly receive e-mails from my "" and it is flooding my gmail inbox with 8-10 e-mails a day. Could I know what is the convention or common practice that most people use to handle such e-mails?

Do they set-up another e-mail account just for receiving these e-mails? Like maybe "" or is there a common e-mail name that people create just for these e-mails? (like maybe

Because I am quite sure that no one really reads these e-mails.

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I usually create a GMail filter that labels them and archives them. They can be useful for digging back through in the future.

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Don't configure your servers to send unnecessary email.

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I usually receive from my webserver. What I have done is.. A filter that push the mail to a special label and mark it as read. When I have time, I just stop by there and read it.

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