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I am trying to install Websphere 7 x64 on RHEL 6 x64.

I am using Developer edition.

When I try to execute ./install on the command prompt, it waits for few seconds and then returns to prompt without any error.

I have installed all the pre-requisites as listed in this article:

Any idea how to troubleshoot this ?

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command line, silent or graphical installation? I believe the default installation is graphical. – Bram Nov 29 '12 at 10:39
Yes, graphical ... – Madhur Ahuja Nov 29 '12 at 11:12
and do you have a graphical environment set up or are you using X forwarding? Does xclock or any other graphical tool work? Is there anything in the logs listed in my answer? – Bram Nov 30 '12 at 14:46
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The following logs may be helpful: Browse the relevant log files for clues:

  • The main installation log file: app_server_root/logs/log.txt.
  • The profile creation log for creating the profile: app_server_root/logs/manageprofiles/profile_name_create.log.
  • IBM® HTTP Server log:
    • IHS_root/logs/install/log.txt if the installation completed
    • user_temp/ihslogs/log.txt if the installation was interrupted, or user_temp/ihslogs/log_date_stamp.time_stamp.txt if installation finishes but is unsuccessful or for some other reason cannot be copied to IHS_root/logs/install/log.txt
  • The log files produced when the default application .ear file is installed are: app_server_root/profiles/profile_name/logs/defaultapp_config.log and app_server_root/profiles/profile_name/logs/defaultapp_deploy.log.
  • Other logs for other applications for a profile in the app_server_root/profiles/profile_name/logs directory.
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