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In my current infrastructure I have the following setup :

ISP LINK 1 ( ----|X3--sonicwall--X0|----LAN (

X0(LAN) is configured as

  • Mode/IP Assignment: Transparent IP Mode, Splice L3 subnet)
  • Transparent Range : Transparent X0 Range

X3(WAN) is configured as :

  • IP Assignement : Static
  • IP address : being the gateway on the provider.

Now, I asked my provider to route a second subnet :

Their answer : is currently routed statically over next hop

My question :

How do I add that second subnet to my current setup ? (without downtime if possible)

I'm not a routing/sonicwall expert, and quite frustrated that I cannot use all the IP's i'm paying for.


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Just add a static ARP entry for a single IP of the second WAN subnet provided by the ISP from Network menu in your sonicwall. You don't need any downtime for this. After adding ARP entry, do the required NATin and add firewall rule to allow the subnet.

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