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I have near of 100000 inodes (near of their limit) in my shared hosting (don't ask why), i need every file ! in this way what i can do ? I have too many pictures... (if i store all that's pictures on mysql - one big data file -) can i reduce the inodes count? inodes are associated to internal file info or file content... ?? the ask is: too many small files = too many inodes... one big file = one inode or one big file= too many inodes ??

sorry for my bad english.

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Each single file in a Unix-like OS uses one inode. So as long as it's the inodes count and not disk space that is the limiting factor, if you can work out a scheme where the files are all grouped together into a single large file, that large file will only use a single inode (barring such things as the underlying file system's file size limit and such).

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