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What's a working example for creating a NAPTR record using nsupdate against Bind9?

man nsupdate sais:

update add {domain-name} {ttl} [class] {type} {data...}
       Adds a new resource record with the specified ttl, class and data.

But I can't seem to find the correct format for NAPTR

My attempt:

echo -e 'update add 60 IN NAPTR"u"."E2U+sip"."!^.*$!!" .'"\nsend"|nsupdate

results in:

invalid rdata format: not a valid number
syntax error
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Here's a working example:

echo -e "nsupdate "update add 60 IN NAPTR 100 10 \"u\" \"E2U+h323\" \"!^.*$!!\" ."\nserver localhost\nsend" | /usr/bin/nsupdate -y rndckey:mykey -v
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