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I am trying to add a anonymous IIS user [IUSR] to a SQL SERVER 2008 r2 database.

But I am getting the following error:

'notebook/iusr' is not a valid login or you do not have permission.

I think permission is not the issue because I am logged with the 'sa' account. Also I tried only 'iusr' as a username and I get the same error?

Does anyone have some idea on how to add the IIS7 anonymous account to a sql server 2208 r2 database?

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Could not find a work around for that. I´ve just set iis7 app pool to run under local user administrator. – Guilherme Nov 29 '12 at 17:13

This is called a managed service account (MSA).You have to add a dollar sign ($) after the username when creating the login. The format is DOMAIN\ACCOUNTNAME$. I believe you'll have to script this login out, as the GUI search feature won't find it.

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IUSR is a built-in local account for Windows Server 2008 and higher.



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