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We recently had to reload our configuration of Citrix on our server Server1, and since we have, we can access Citrix internally, but not externally. Normally we access Citrix from http://remote.xyz.org/Citrix/XenApp but since the configuration was reloaded we are met with a Service Unavailable message.

Internally accessing the Citrix web application from http://localhost/Citrix/XenApp/ on Server1 we are able to access the web application. And also from machines on our local network using http://Server1/Citrix/XenApp/.

I have gone into the Citrix Access Management Console and from the tree pane on the left clicked on

  • Citrix Access Management Console->Citrix Resources->Configuration Tools->Web Interface->http://remote.xyz.org/Citrix/PNAgent
  • Citrix Access Management Console->Citrix Resources->Configuration Tools->Web Interface->http://remote.xyz.org/Citrix/XenApp,

which in both cases displays a screen that reads Secure client access.

Here it offers me several options: Direct, Alternate, Translated, Gateway Direct, Gateway Alternate, Gateway Translated.

I know that I can change the method of use by clicking Manage secure client access->Edit secure client access settings which opens a window that reads "Specify Access Methods", and below that reads "Specify details of the DMZ settings, including IP address, mask, and associated access method", I don't know what the original settings were, and I also don't know how our DMZ is configured so that I can specify the correct settings, to give access to our external users on the http://remote.xyz.org/Citrix/XenApp site.

We have a vendor who setup our DMZ and does not allow us access to the gateway to see these settings. What sorts of questions should I ask them to restore remote access?

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I would ask A: How is that NAT (Network Address Translation) setup? IE does the proper DMZ IP NAT'd correctly to the external IP. B: Are the proper ports opened up to that address? IE, is port 80 opened to that URL, along with whatever ports are also necessary for Citrix to run C: What IP's are allowed within the firewall to access that rule/NAT combo? -- Also, is this a CAG/NETSCALER or just a standard citrix reciever farm? –  user147613 Nov 29 '12 at 16:29
I think it's accessible from outside, but we called a guy and he said it was being forwarded to the wrong ip. –  leeand00 Nov 29 '12 at 19:31
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