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I'd like to set up name-based virtual hosting in Apache, but I don't have DNS name (local private network). Thus I want to get something like that: - First virtual host - wiki. - Second virtual host - redmine.

As I suggest I can be achievable by using ServerName option in section of both vhosts. But in Apache documentation has no mention that I can use for FQDN IP-addr. Is it possible? How can I reach my wishes? P.S.: I want to share my sites on the same subnet only. Thus any who can ping me can enter http://my_ip/wiki and get wiki, http://my_ip/redmine and get redmine.

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Either use hosts files for name resolution, or look at mod_userdir (with wiki and redmine as your "users").

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But in this case I need to change every hosts files of any computer in my subnet (private corporate network). –  malvikus Nov 30 '12 at 9:56
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